Chapter 0.1:  Tabula Rasa

              Chapter 0.5:  One Small Step

Chapter 1:     All Rumors of Wrath, Past and To Come  

Chapter 2:      Oderint dum Metuat  

              Chapter 2.5:  Between Friends

Chapter 3:     Actus Humanus, Actus Hominis  

Chapter 4:     The Price of Virtue   

Chapter 5:     The Hand of God   

Chapter 6:     The Stars My Destination   

Chapter 7:     One Moment of Humanity    

Chapter 8:     Errand of Mercy   

Chapter 9:     Lacus Somniorum ('Lake of the Sleepers')   

              Chapter 9.5:  Faith 

Chapter 10:   Per Ardua, Ad Astra   ('Through Adversity to the Stars')

Chapter 11:   I Have Sinned release date Autumn 2017

Chapter 12:   Whispers of Heavenly Death

  Chapter 13:    The Righteous Will Shine