The human adventure is just beginning!


Gráinne Ahern
   Lieutenant (j.g.) Rebecca Sato, Helmsman,
     U.S.S. Grissom

   M'Pursong, the Caitan Assistant to Dr. Liebmann

Gráinne has been an advisor to the production, as well as voicing several roles. She brings a wealth of talent to the production. She has been Senior Producer on Seoige for Radio Telefis Eireann, the Irish National Broadcaster and has a wealth of experience in TV and Radio, including working on the afternoon show, scripting and producing the daily lifestyle programme. Gráinne was also a newsreader for RTE Cork for a year.


Ronan Byrne
   The Passenger
   Cadet Cue

Ronan is a native Dubliner with an interesting background in fitness and sports. He has over 15 years kick-boxing experience and is a First Dan Black Belt.  He has trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Vale Tudo, and recently has run in a few marathons! Ronan participates in charity cycling events. He is a landscape architect in Dublin.


Renda Carr
   Lieutenant Saavik, Science Officer,
     U.S.S. Grissom assigned

Renda has been singing since she was 18 months old, in church, at events, with groups. She is a part of Dean and Company ( a childrens' program seen on Bright House Networks and National Cable for years. Renda enjoys acting, singing, and doing voice-overs. She reprises the role of Saavik here at Grissom. Renda has also worked on other Star Trek fan projects including Star Trek Valkyrie, Project Potemkin, Star Trek Reliant, and Star Trek Lexington.


Benjamin Cavesdale
Specialist Aabin, Deltan Climatology Specialist,
     U.S.S. Grissom

Ben Cavesdale is a talented 3D artist and illustrator who is venturing into the world of voice acting. He has experience speaking in front of large crowds: leading children and teenagers while working as a summer camp counselor and instructor for 3D game development courses, and advising professional business teams across the U.S. while working as a Business Analyst for Sears. Ben is pursuing a career in medicine and has spent many hours volunteering at a local hospital in the Emergency Department. He feels that offering care and support to medical patients gives him a real ability to convey sensitivity in his portrayal of Aabin. He enjoys being an active contributor to the 'Star Trek: Grissom' project.


Aine Ni Choileain
   Cadet Kara McLoughlin, U.S.S. Grissom

Aine brings much experience in many performance and media areas. She spent a year studying Drama and Communications in Northern Kentucky, with a major in Theater Production. Aine has considerable experience working with Irish drama, including work on "Ros na Rún" and "Fair City," two of Ireland's flagship dramas. She currently works on Ireland's top game show, 'Winning Streak Dream Ticket' as a broadcast coordinator. Aine was also a contestant on "Treasure Island: Series II", getting down to the last 8 contestants out of over 39,000 applicants!


Jennifer Cole
  Commander Stephanie Ottair,  Chief Engineer,
    U.S.S. Grissom

Jennifer has been a long time Star Trek fan and a member of several Star Trek fan clubs / groups for the last 20+ years.   Jennifer is a Producer / Director on the long-running Internet fan series Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, Star Trek: Odyssey, and Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles since the beginning.  Currently, Jennifer lends her voice to the audio dramas Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations and on Temporal Investigations II.  Jennifer loves almost every facet of science fiction and loves to read a lot too!  In her day-to-day existence, she works for the U.S. Federal government, thus keeping her ability to pay for her hobbies intact.


Will Dees
  Clive Saunders, Ph.D.,  Civilian Xenologist,
    U.S.S. Grissom

Will Dees was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and has been a lifelong Star Trek fan.  Growing up with TNG reruns and Voyager, he eventually began searching for more and more Trek to satiate his obsession, and quickly found Hidden Frontier. Will has lent his voice(s) to humans, Romulans, Vulcans, and Klingons in various audio productions. In the 21st century, he uses his voice to make money, working as a telemarketer (don't judge).


Andrew G. Foster
   Admiral Harry Morrow, Fleet Admiral,
    StarFleet Command

  Opening and Closing Credits Voiceover

Andrew Foster is thrilled to be playing a role in the U.S.S. Grissom audio adventures.   A Canadian resident who has lived and worked in Canada, America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Switzerland, Andrew has always had a love of performing.  He has worked with Hidden Frontier Productions since 2006, and is currently producing the audio series, “Star Trek: Federation One”.  Schooled in music, French, and education, he has also appeared on-stage in many musical theatre productions.  Although he works in the high tech industry, he still makes time for many creative pursuits including photography, graphic arts, music, travel, and acting in the Canadian film industry.  He is excited to be part of the great tradition of audio dramas.


Keith Harris
  Admiral Alexander McKnight, Chief of Staff,
    StarFleet Command

Keith is from Birmingham, Alabama and made his acting debut as Captain Alexander McKnight in the web-based live action fan film "Star Trek: Lexington." His charming southern personality is an exciting addition to the Star Trek: Grissom audio adventures.


Adrian Howard Jones    
    David Marcus, Ph.D.,  (Episode 1- 2)

    Writer, Chapter 4  

Adrian Howard Jones is a post-graduate psychologist, with a strong interest in both futurology and history. Adrian is the mainstay behind the highly detailed, and highly researched 'Star Trek: The Interim Years,' the story of the evolution in attitudes and technology, which took place between the era of James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard.


Bodo Hartwig
    Lt. Brian Childers, Communications Officer,
      U.S.S. Grissom

    Music, Sound Mixing and Sound Editing

    Scriptwriter, Episodes 1 - 8

(see entry under "Production Crew" further down this page)


Brad Hathaway 
   Captain Jeffrey Pierce, Captain of the
      U.S.S. Hathaway

Brad hails from Northwest Ohio, in the United States, and has been a fan of Star Trek for many years.  He is the Executive Producer of the web-based, live action “Star Trek:  USS Hathaway” and plays Captain Jeffery Pierce.  He will be reprising that role for “Star Trek:  Grissom”.  Brad works in information technology, but retains a love for the creative arts and regularly works on computer graphics and animation.


Hannah Klang
 Ensign Rachel Wood, U.S.S. Grissom

Hannah Klang is 25 years old and hails from Sweden. She has lived in Dublin for 5 years, where she currently works for Pfizers International Procurement Department.  She attended a Performance Art Upper Secondary School in Sweden for three years with a focus on Acting & Dancing. She was cast to play the lead, Violet, in Twelfth Night and had parts in the plays "Lysistrate" (Aristophanes), "Miss Julie" (August Strindberg) & several TV productions done by the media students from the same school. When Hannah graduated from school she went on tour with a festival theatre group for two months. In Dublin she took a 10-day acting course at LYCS last year.


Michael Liebmann
   Michael Liebmann, Ph.D., Civilian Marine Biologist,
    U.S.S. Grissom assigned

Star Trek: Grissom is the latest project Michael is working on, having also worked on 'Star Trek: Excelsior,' 'Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations,' 'Star Trek: Phoenix,' 'Star Trek: Dimensions,' 'Lara Bond: 0012,' 'Gaia's Journey,' as well as others.  He is a legal secretary by day, and a filk vendor by night and on weekends, spending his time in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael is far nicer in reality than his character of Dr. Liebmann, who he fears has a villainous streak.


Dave McEvoy 
 David Marcus, Ph.D., Civilian Research Scientist, assigned U.S.S. Grissom (Episode 3-onwards)

Dave hails from Dublin, Ireland. He is a lifelong science fiction fan with a large collection of comics, DVD and CDs to prove it!  He is currently studying Film and TV production in Bray, and hopes to become a professional in that field... IF his Starfleet application gets rejected. Dave is an excellent Mr. Sulu impersonator, and even impressed George Takei when they met.


Rick Pike
   Lieutenant Lars Thorsen, Security Ops Division Head,
      U.S.S. Grissom

    Writer, Chapter 8: 'Errand of Mercy'
     Website and Communications Support

Rick is a lifelong fan of science fiction, and especially the Star Trek universe.  His acting talent began at age 11, when he charmed the primary school crowd as Poo-Bah, Lord High Everything Else in "The Mikado," his fifth-grade primary school class play.   Since that time, he hasn't done anything else, no additional formal training (nor any acting jobs, for that matter)... until recently, when out of desperation, friends asked him to provide support and voice roles for otherwise fine productions such as 'Star Trek: Hidden Frontier,' 'Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield,'  'Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations, and 'Henglaar, M.D.'  Rick has also worked behind the scenes in various support roles, as production assistant, technical crew, otter wrangler, and staff for 'Star Trek: Grissom' and for Hidden Frontier Productions and their collection of shows. Rick is constantly amazed by the collective creativity, versatility, and talent of all these performers, and hopes to glean just a bit of skill from them.  In the mirror universe, Rick is a university administrator from the Washington, DC area.  He is, sadly, nothing like the heroic, handsome Lars Thorsen.


Barbara Puder 
Milady Valkris  (Episode 3 onwards)

Barbara Puder is currently the choir director for her church at St. Joseph the Work Parish, in Nashua, NH. She's involved in all aspects of church music in various parishes, as a chorister, soloist, cantor, and organist, occasionally all at once. You may have also caught her in another Star Trek audio drama, 'Diplomatic Relations,' voicing the role of Ambassador Jessica Kingsley. Barbara is married to Karl Puder (of General Korg fame), has two terrific children and an amazing daughter-in-law.  Barbara returns to her Irish roots with Grissom, as her maiden name is ‘Mooney’.


Karl Puder
 Commander Kruge  (Episode 4-onwards)

Karl Puder (known in most places on the web as 'Solak') is a long-time fan of science fiction and Star Trek since watching 'The Original Series' in syndication.

Karl got back into acting by an oscillating path. He discovered "Star Trek: Hidden Frontier" in 2002 and became a big fan. He also discovered other fan series, such as "Star Trek: Pioneers", where he voiced the Vulcan science officer, S'tak.  He also voiced a few occasional characters, such as Tunaka, the Talaxian ambassador.

From there, he discovered Eric Busby and his Darker Projects audio production group, and  "Star Trek: The Section 31 Files," where he provide numerous character voices including Major Kramer in  "Alive Inside;" Orion Captain in "The Falcon Banner," and Duncan in the "He-Man" parody series.  Elsewhere, he has been involved with Star Trek: Hidden Frontier and their family of shows including "The Helena Chronicles," and "Odyssey," and with other notable productions.


William Raymer
Petty Officer 1st Class Bacari Jata,
      Navigation Officer, U.S.S. Grissom

   Klingon Warrior (Episode 3)

Based out of Yuma, Arizona, William has mostly worked as a voice actor for Pendant Productions, serving in various capacities—most notably 'Dennis/Denise' in the company's now-defunct original series 'Once Upon a Time in Vegas.'

He is also an active writer on, with over 30 stories in various stages of completion. He is currently in the process of preparing a proposal for an audio version of his Star Trek: Omega Force series of stories that he intends to shop around to various concerns, including Star Trek: Grissom producers Black Wall Productions.

He considers his casting on Grissom to be a blessing, as just before he was selected to play Petty Officer Jata, he was sidelined with Bell's Palsy and thought he would have to retire from voice acting work.


David Robertson
  Lt. Commander Christopher Chattman,
    Communications Officer, U.S.S. Grissom (Episode 2 onwards)

David Robertson was a “forces brat” but is now 35 and living in Glasgow, Scotland. He's always been interested in acting since playing King Herrod in the School Nativity play.  He joined 'Star Trek: Intrepid' in 2007, where he's made a lot of great friends, and met his partner.  He's also been involved with 'Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations,' and was in the Hidden Frontier/Intrepid crossover, 'Operation Beta Shield.'  David was brought up on sci-fi, so it's always been close to his heart.  He also loves 'Family Guy' and 'American Dad.' His favourite Doctor is John Pertwee, followed by David Tennant.


Clive Saunders
  Captain J.T. Esteban, Captain of the U.S.S. Grissom

Apart from voicing Captain J.T. Esteban in 'Star Trek: Grissom,' Clive has also lent his voice to several other productions including 'Star Trek: Odyssey;' 'The Helena Chronicles;' and 'Frontier Guard.'   In the real world, he’s an engineer and professional geek who has been known to do anything for an autograph, including attempted kidnap.  Clive remembers seeing "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn" at the age of 7 as possibly the first film he saw in a cinema (though it might have been "Battle Beyond the Stars," -- the early 80’s are still a bit fuzzy).  Who would have known that would one day lead him to this project.


Michael Slagenweit-Coffman
  Lieutenant (j.g.) Juan Casas, Chief of Security, U.S.S. Grisso

  Writer:   Chapter 2.5: "Among Friends"

Mike is a 2011 graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary, in Washington, D.C.  He recently completed his Clinical Pastoral Education residency in Wisconsin and has begun work as a hospice chaplain in Iowa.  He is currently is pursuing ordination and certification in chaplaincy.  He has been married to his husband, Tobey, for four years.  In his spare time he is the author of "Star Trek: Eagle Star" (a 24th century fan-fiction), and co-author of "Tales from the Wolf Pack."  Mike enjoys bike riding, music, and talking about himself in the third person.  :)


Dallas Teague Snider 
Commander Vindi S’Raazh, Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S. Grissom

Dallas’ acting training includes studies at the University of South Alabama, Birmingham Southern College, and voiceover training with Marie Prater, to mention but a few.  Her television and film work is extensive, and includes:  Commander Brieanna Smith in the Star Trek: Lexington episode "All in the Appearances"; The Way; Being an Effective Coach; Pineville; The Departure; Here and Now; The Collections; BJCC Past to Present; Southern Style with Edie & Friends  (Pilot); The Private Guy; Don't Make Eye Contact; Jane's World; and more.  She is also the founder of "Make Your Best Impression" ( ), and is an experienced professional public speaker and author of the books "Professionally Polished," "Business Etiquette Savvy for Today’s Competitive Market" and "Executive Etiquette Power." 


Seán P. Teeling
   Executive Producer and Creator

   Nurse Seán Murphy, Charge Nurse, U.S.S. Grissom
   Captain Lawrence Styles, Captain of the
       U.S.S. Excelsior

   Rick Montaigne, Singer at Hunter's Moon bar,
       Starbase 67 (Episode 1)

 Script co-writer, Episodes 2 and 4

 Writer and co-writer, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12,13

(see entry under "Production Crew" further down this page)




Linda Butler

    Dr. Laurie Windsor  (Episode 5)

Bio coming soon.


Nick J. Cook
   Cyrano Jones, Galactic Con Man   (Episode 4)

   Writer, Chapter 7

Nick is the producer of "Starship Intrepid," and also serves as a storywriter and scriptwriter for that show, as well as works on the props and creates the costumes. His interest in Star Trek started with "The Original Series" in the 70's. Starting out with amateur dramatics and panto work, more recently Nick can be seen in a variety of Star Trek fan productions including Hidden Frontier's family of Star Trek programs ("Operation Beta Shield," "Federation One," "Helena Chronicles," and "Odyssey."),  Darker Projects' production of "The Section 31 Files," and Martin Lejeune's "Making Kelham Famous."  He also had a co-starring role in the feature-length, independent science fiction film, "Polaris," currently in post-production. Nick enjoys walking, geo-caching and exploring strange new worlds and civilizations (especially Las Vegas, and California's Sierra Nevada mountains and Yosemite National Park). He particularly enjoys the location shoots for the scenery and camaraderie. Nick is married to Lucie Faria-Cook, and they have a daughter, Samantha.


Lucy Faria-Cook
  Shar-on Colgan/ S'Veralis, Romulan Agent  (Episode 4)

"Charlie X" was the Star Trek episode that hooked Lucie as a teenager and she has been a fan since. As well as acting in the fan film series "Starship Intrepid," one of Lucie's makeup duties is the "Romulan ears, constant improvement project." She enjoys the power of veto as her husband, Nick Cook, is the co-Creator and Producer and much of the production is filmed in their house. Lucie has also been involved in the Hidden Frontier family of fan productions (including "Operation Beta Shield," "Helena Chronicles," and "Odyssey") and a role in the feature length independent science fiction film "Polaris" (currently in post-production). Lucie enjoys going to auctions and scouring shops, searching for "interesting" items such as books (although she enjoys researching them more than reading them.) Lucie has a particular fondness for Las Vegas and always enjoys visiting America.  A recent trip took her on an exploration of the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains of California, including Yosemite National Park.  Lucy is married to Nick Cook, and they have a daughter, Samantha.


Michael Hudson 
   Lieutenant Paul Hewson, Chief of Security,
    USS Grissom

    Forums and Technical Support

Michael usually works behind the scenes on both the "Starship Intrepid" and "Hidden Frontier" websites, as well as post-production work for "Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations" and the "Star Trek: Federation One" audio episodes. Michael is also the forum administrator for the "Star Trek: Grissom" website.  He can also be seen in front of the camera on "Starship Intrepid."

Michael is a veritable miracle worker in relation to administering the forum and website for "Star Trek: Grissom," --- our own 21st century Mr. Scott !


Christine Hughes

    Dr. Hashmin Teernig  (Episode 5)

Bio coming soon.


Alex Matthews 
    Terlis, Deltan Research Leader,
        Cinera Base  (Episode 1)

Alex Matthews first got into Star Trek watching TNG repeats on Sky One, and the love affair never ended. After writing his own Trek-themed stories for several years, he discovered the world of fanfilms, and soon became immersed in the work they do. He is part of the cast of the Scottish-based "Starship Intrepid" series, and has developed his own original audio show, "Star Trek: Diplomatic Relations," which follows the exploits of Federation Embassy staff on a world newly inducted into the United Federation of Planets.

When not working on Trek-related projects, he also works on various Doctor Who projects and fanfilms, as well as several other different fantasy-related projects.


Charles H. Miller II
    Ri'tarxx, Saurian Captain of the S.S. Arcadia
      Luxury Starliner (Episode 2)

   Ash / Sukhar, Romulan Agent  (Episode 3)

   Writer, Chapter 9: Lacus Somniorum

 A native of Annapolis, Maryland, currently residing in Hope Mills, North Carolina, Charlie has lived in a number of places around the world, from Indiana to Okinawa, Japan while in the U.S. Army. A TOS fan since it premiered in the 1960s, he has followed every series and movie over the years (even those painful to watch).  Charlie first got involved in Star Trek fan productions in 2007, working set construction, grip and electric, and other behind-the-scenes work on several the Star Trek: Phase II productions, including wearing real explosives and getting killed as 'Dickerson' in "Enemy:Starfleet", then as a living Security Officer in later episodes. Charlie assisted in script editing on the audio series Star Trek:Lexington, hsd written and acted for Star Trek:Grissom, and hopes to continue working with other fan productions in various roles.  A computer tech by trade, he sings and dances regularly at several locations in North Carolina and Indiana.


David O'Neill
  Commander Kaarg, Klingon General  (Episode 2 and 3)

David is a native of the Chicago area, and a long-time fan of Star Trek.  He watched TOS reruns in the 1970s, TNG, DS9 (his personal favorite), most of Voyager and Enterprise, and all the Star Trek movies.

David was involved with the long-running "Star Trek: Hidden Frontier" web series beginning in 2006, where he worked on the set, eventually became part of the crew, which lead him to direct Hidden Frontier's penultimate episode,  "The Center Cannot Hold."   He was also a producer and directed episodes of their "Star Trek: Odyssey" series, where he also played a recurring role as the blue-skinned Archein manservant, Vito.  He has also appeared in "Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles," and is part of the cast of "Star Trek: Federation One," where he plays the Vulcan Admiral Selek.  David also directed episodes of the original science fiction web series 'Frontier Guard.'


Tobey Slagenweit-Coffman
    Klingon Warrior  (Episode 1)

   Ch'ai, Ch'ramaki Youth/Rebel   (Episode 2)

    Klingon Captain Reshtarc  (Episode 3)

Chaos, panic, disorder -- these are the themes of the day when Tobey is around.  By day, a mild mannered stock boy; at night, he is undergoing top secret training in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution at Creighton University.  Tobey enjoys spending time with his better-half and taking care of 15+ mongrel children.  While managing his husband is a full-time job, Tobey is co-author of "Tales From The Wolfpack" and is trying to turn his two-liter into a six-pack to fit into his speedo without inducing others to vomit.  And although he is stunningly handsome, has great taste, and is hyper-intelligent, his modesty prohibits him from saying this.  He can talk the ears off a gundark, but in the interest of saving the producer's sanity, he won't here.


Christopher Stone

    Fleet Commander Kaymar Brixtin  (Episode 5)

Bio coming soon.


John Whiting as "Dr. Henglaar" 
John Whiting
    Merchantman Captain  (Episode  5 onwards)

John Whiting developed a life-long fascination with video production in high school with the "new" black and white reel-to-reel video recorder and switcher.

When the U.S.S. Angeles Star Trek club decided to make a movie starring club members in a fan-made Star Trek adventure, a friend twisted John's arm until he joined the club, and he ended up playing two small parts in the movie. 

He then joined the "Star Trek: Hidden Frontier" production, where he found himself advising on scripts and technology, holding a boom microphone, producing, acting as a director and an assistant director, and, perhaps his most important contribution, teaching himself makeup and forming their makeup department. 

John also headed up a talented cast of voice actors on the audio production, "Henglaar, M.D.," a show based on TV's 'House,' and John's irascible Tellarite doctor character from "Hidden Frontier."  He still dabbles in computer graphics in his entirely too much spare time.


Melissa D. Wilson
   Carol Marcus, Ph.D., Civilian Research Scientist,
      Spacelab Regula 1

   Writer, Chapters 1 and 2

Melissa is a full-time clinical nurse. However, her talent and creativity include creating scenery and costumes for various shows and themed parties, most memorably, "Titanic."  Melissa has also enjoyed singing as a member of the Mamas and the Papas’ tribute band, 'The Mas and the Das,' and appeared with them in "The Mr. Pussy Show," a revue for Ireland’s most famous drag artiste.  Melissa also sang in Moscow as a guest member of the Lassus Scholars.

Melissa is the co-creator of "Star Trek: Grissom."




Seán P. Teeling
   Executive Producer and Creator

   Nurse Seán Murphy, Charge Nurse, U.S.S. Grissom
   Captain Lawrence Styles, Captain of the
       U.S.S. Excelsior

   Rick Montaigne, Singer at Hunter's Moon bar,
       Starbase 67 (Episode 1)

 Script co-writer, Episodes 2 and 4

 Writer and co-writer, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12,13

Seán Paul wears a number of hats for the "Star Trek: Grissom" production, including co-creator, writer, actor, and executive producer.

A former member of the RTE Philharmonic Choir and the Lassus Scholars, Seán has sung many major choral works in addition to smaller works by Palestrina and Orland Lassus.  Seán’s TV and radio appearances include: 'Anything Goes,' 'The Late Late Show,' 'Live at 3,' 'Open House,' 'Treasure Island,' 'Treasure Island Uncut,' 'Treasure Island Live,' 'The Gay Byrne Show,' 'Gloria,' 'RTE Young Musician,' and 'Young Musician of the Future.'  Seán Paul is also a writer for Ireland's first all ages comic book, 'The Wren,' published by Buttonpress publications.

Seán Paul is the co-creator of "Star Trek: Grissom."


Bodo Hartwig

    Lt. Brian Childers, Communications Officer,
      U.S.S. Grissom

    Music, Sound Mixing and Sound Editing

    Scriptwriter, Episodes 1 - 8

When he is not composing music for Grissom, working as supply chain manager for a Swedish pharmaceutical company, or travelling between the worlds of Glasgow and Cologne,
Bodo lends his considerable acting talent to the role of Lt. Brian Childers, Communications Officer aboard the U.S.S. Grissom. He is also on the writing staff for "Star Trek: Grissom," does all the sound editing, and composes the musical scores for the series.

Bodo has also worked on quite a number of other projects, mostly short films and Star Trek fanfilms. He scored three episodes of "Star Trek: Odyssey" and also composed incidental music for various episodes of "Star Trek: Intrepid". His works include original themes for several audio shows, as well as level music for the open source videogame "Blinken Sisters."

His favourite TV shows are still "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine", as well as the rebooted  "Battlestar Galactica" series. 


Sam Wich
 CGI Opening Sequences  and other graphic artwork

Sam found fan films by accident while researching the history of Star Trek for a school report. The first fan films he saw were "Star Trek: Intrepid," then "New Voyages/Phase 2," then "Hidden Frontier." Sam had always wanted to do a fan film, and  after seeing the success of others it inspired him to have a go at it, the result being the highly successful "Star Trek: New Homelands."  Sam's opening titles for "Star  Trek: Grissom" add a new dimension to the show.


Rob Caves
   Original Hidden Frontier Productions Series Producer

Rob Caves was onboard for the first year as co-executive producer. He was the driving force behind Hidden Frontier Productions, the parent production company for the Hidden Frontier family of fan films. He was the Executive Producer of Star Trek: Hidden Frontier (2000-2007),  Star Trek: Odyssey (2007-2010), Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles (2008-2010), Star Trek: Federation One (2008-2010), and two stand-alone films, Star Trek: Orphans of War (2008) and Star Trek: Operation Beta Shield (2008).  He was also the Executive Producer of the independent science fiction series 'Frontier Guard (2009).


Brian "Arkady" Childers
   Visuals and Graphics

Brian hails from Tulsa, in the U.S.A. state of Oklahoma  and when not enduring that particular form of torture -- or plotting world domination (starting with the takeover of PEZ Candy) -- he is a amateur sci-fi sketch artist. Brian's freehand concept sketches can be seen realized as CGI models in "Starship Intrepid" and the original sci-fi production, "Frontier Guard."   Brian provides visual artwork for the "Star Trek: Grissom" production.