The human adventure is just beginning!


Episode 1.01

"All Rumours of Wrath, Past and to Come"

Episode 1 banner
Cast and Crew Credits
Captain Jonathan T. Esteban
Commander Stephanie Ottair
Dr. Vindi S'Raazh

Clive Saunders
Jennifer Cole
Dallas Teague Snider

 Also Starring
 Lt. Cmdr. Christopher Chattman
Specialist Aabin
Dr. Clive Saunders
Lt. Rebecca Sato
Lt. Lars Thorsen
Ensign Kara McLaughlin
Ensign Brian Childers
Lt. Saavik
Dr. David Marcus
Dr. Michael Liebmann
Computer Voice
Nick Beckwith
Benjamin Cavesdale
Will Dees
Grainne Ahern
Rick Pike
Aine Ni Choileain
Bodo Hartwig
Renda Carr
Adrian Howard Jones
Michael Liebmann
Heather Ashleigh
Shadow McNamara Teeling
 Special Appearances by
Admiral Harry Morrow
Admiral Alexander McKnight
Captain Jeffrey Pierce
Captain Lawrence Styles
Lt. Paul Hewson
Commander Solak
Klingon Warrior
Singer Rick Montaigne
Dani Hunter
M'Pursong's Cat Voice
Andrew Foster
Keith Harris
Brad Hathaway
Seán P. Teeling
Grainne Ahern
Michael Hudson
Joshua Williams
Tobey Slagenweit-Coffman
Seán P. Teeling
Hannah Klang
Hannah Klang
Persephone Lejeune
Special Guest Stars
Dr. Carol Marcus

Melissa D. Wilson

Alex Matthews
Story by

Seán P. Teeling and Melissa D. Williams

Audio Play

Darren Rosetta and Bodo Hartwig

Editing, Sound Effects and Music

Bodo Hartwig

Episode Artwork

Andrew Foster

Produced by

Seán P. Teeling and Rob Caves 

A Presentation of 
Star Trek: Grissom Productions
Hidden Frontier Productions